What We Do

We are committed to addressing the needs of each customer on an individual basis. We know that no house is truly identical and that each family’s needs are different from one family to another. Our goal is to assess your family’s needs and find solutions that will help you to create a comfortable home environment. We strive to work hard to service & maintain your existing equipment, and we are always on the lookout for new innovative options that can improve your comfort level. Quality brands of equipment and professional installation help us to provide you with a system that can withstand the extreme weather of Minnesota and create peace of mind for years to come.

Let us Help you

Let us at Joel Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. help you with any of the following for your home.

• Furnace & Air Conditioning Service or Repair
• Furnace & Air Conditioning Installation
• Air Source Heat Pump Installation & Repair
• Humidifier Service & Installation
• Air Cleaner Service & Installation
• Air Exchanger Installation & Service (HRV)
• U.V. Purification
• Garage Heater Installation & Service
• Gas Fireplace Installation
• RTU (Commercial Packaged Unit) Service & Installation
• Thermostats & Electronic Zoning Controls

Seasonal maintenance checks by our trained and qualified technicians can ensure that...
•Your Furnace or A/C is ready for the season ahead
• Your homes HVAC equipment runs efficiently
• You will be alerted to the potential problems before they become an emergency
• You can potentially reduce utility & repair costs
• The current level of comfort in your home will be maintained or enhanced.
• You can have peace of mind– it’s priceless!
Your HVAC system is the most critical system to maintain in the home. If the system is not maintained regularly and properly, you could experience system failure or even indoor air quality issues.
If you have furnace filter that is 1” thick we recommend that you replace this filter every 30 days. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid undue breakdowns of your system in both the heating & cooling modes. If we have installed a filter for you that is 4” thick this filter can last from 4 – 6 months, but we recommend checking it at the 4 month mark.
Our furnaces today have many safety controls that help insure that the unit is operating safely and effectively. There are parts of this system that do require attention to maintain the reliability of the furnace and assist it in operating at its peak performance.
Keeping the outdoor condensing coil clean and free of debris is one of the best ways to have your air conditioner perform at its best. A dirty coil can reduce the amount of cooling you get from the unit and create stress on the compressor that makes it work harder and use more energy.
Regular maintenance of the HRV can have a profound effect on the condition of the home and the indoor air quality. This unit helps to regulate and balance our home’s humidity. For example, in a home that is too damp there could be mold and mildew problems. A home that is too dry may cause damage to wood floors and furniture. It is imperative that your HRV is well cleaned so that it can operate properly. You will need to check the filters every one to two months. The Core (Center Section) needs to be cleaned every six months, and the outdoor heads can get plugged with debris and should be regularly checked as well.

Services Overview

We are a full service heating and cooling contractor with the ability to repair and install complete Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our service technicians are always thorough, enabling us to promptly diagnose the problem. We are qualified to repair most brands of HVAC equipment. We offer maintenance agreements for both residential and commercial equipment on an annual or semi-annual basis. Contact us for details.

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Whether it’s the refreshing coolness you desire when you enter your home on a hot, humid day, or the reassuring warmth on the coldest night, we will keep you comfortable. We offer the many services to keep you and your family comfortable.

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Commercial Rooftop units sit out in our weather all year long. This can result in much wear and tear on the system. Regular maintenance is the key to keep these units running efficiently and effectively for years to come. As we perform this maintenance we can become alert to any potential issues that could affect your system.

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